A swimming pool heat pump is the only way to truly "heat" one's pool. Heat pump technology is amazing in that it has an efficiency rate of 500%. This means that a heat pump gives back 5x the amount of heat energy than it uses in electrical energy. A 12.5Kw heat pump will thus require only 2.5Kw electricity to generate 12.5Kw of heat energy with which to heat a pool.

Swimming pool heat pumps can be set to 40 degrees Celsius and can comfortably maintain a pool temperature of around 35 degrees Celsius.  

Benefits of heating a swimming pool with a heat pump include:

  • the swimming season can be extended to up to 9 months each year
  • the set temperature is maintained regardless of the weather (except during winter months) 
  • the whole family and all your friends will suddenly want to swim (most people, especially adults, prefer "warm" water to swim in)
  • night time swimming becomes a family past time since the water is constantly "warm" 
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